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Opera In Europe 

Ádám Fischer

   There is no better conductor to follow than Ádám Fischer! He is the most fascinating conductor that I have ever met! His talent is evident in the many different festivals and orchestras that he conducts. In 1987, he founded and became music director of the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra which plays in the original Esterhazy Estate in the very own room where Haydn premiered most of his symphonies. In 1998, he became the chief conductor of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. With this orchestra he has recorded Mozart’s symphonies which received excellent reviews. “You can imagine the composer smiling in approval” ( Gramophone). “Adam Fischer and the fabulous DNCO give the most breathtaking recordings obtainable nowadays of the Mozart Symphonies. Sensational!” (Weiner Zeitung). “This is like the dream Mozart symphonies set” ( BBC 3). In 2006, he began conducting the Wagner in Budapest festival, which the Palace of Arts says has attracted 50,000 people since it began. The festival has been linked to a “mini-Bayreuth.” In this semi-staged performance, he is approaching the massively complex scores almost like chamber music to bring out the details that might get lost in the opera house and to have a very direct interaction during the performance with the singers.

   Ádám Fischer is conducting in the two most famous opera houses; the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City and the Vienna State Opera House where he will conduct The Ring in January 2016. (If you wish to reserve your place any of the upcoming tours you will receive the Mozart Symphonies CD set as a gift.) For more information about the tours please contact us by email ([email protected]) or by phone at 1-888-248-8269.

Annette Vass 

 Founder and President of Opera In Europe

January 2016                                                                           Austria - Vienna


                         The Ring in the Vienna State Opera House

February 2016                                                                                   Spain


                        Concert Tour with Vienna Symphony Orchestra

June 2016                                                                                Hungary – Budapest

                          The Ring and Die Meistersinger, semi-staged performance in the Palace of Art

September 11-18, 2016                                                        Austria – Eisenstadt

                             Haydn Festival with the Austro-Hungarian Orchestra

Group sizes are: 15 persons maximum / no single supplement